CollinFlys ATC Tracking Thread (CLOSED)

I passed my written and want to insure that I will pass my practical in a couple of days. I’m open to any sort of feedback, I’ll be controlling for 30-120 minutes. If you want to give me feedback please try to be descriptive as you can and if I did ANYTHING wrong please tell me. Thanks for stopping by! :)

I’ll come, give me 5 minutes for me to rap up my session on Expert.
Callsign: V-NEO

I’ll be Inbound as SWA1480.

Thank you to those who stopped by!!

Good job, some great stuff but also some improvement you can make:

On point:

  • Taxi commands
  • Sequencing
  • Pattern entry
  • Frequency change ( the airborne one )

Need to improve on:

  • Cleared for the option. You should only give the left/right instruction when the aircraft has a new runway ( basically for a runway change or if aircraft is inbound and requested a T&G ). If you stay on the same runway a “clear for the option” is only needed.

  • Transition. You gave a 4000ft transition which is a bit too high, a 2500ft one was needed here because the airport’s elevation is near to 0 and that the other plane was doing patterns a 1000ft. Keep in mind an aircraft needs a minimum of 1000ft separation.

  • Exit runway. You should give me a exit runway instruction instead of “contact ground”.

Small tip: When 2 aircraft’s are doing patterns, try to put them on the same runway ( 08L ) or the one that’s parallel to that runway ( 08R ). I feel it’s better that way because you won’t have to initiate a go around because an aircraft is doing pattern on 04R.

PS: The fight that was doing 500-900 knts on downwind would’ve been ghosted on expert.

Nice stuff, good luck for your practical and see you in IFATC!

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Thank you so much! I’ll try to work on that.

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