Collin12353's ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ N/A (PASSED PRACTICAL)

Passed written test. Opening tower and ground. Display name Captain Collin. Don’t be afraid to critique.

I might be able to join…

Closing in about 5 minutes will probably open at an airport later this evening and tommorow.

Open at Dubai.

Open at KSEA.

Open at WSSS. Come do some pattern work.
Runways 02L and 02C.

Open at KLSV. Would appreciate it if some people could come and fly patterns.

Thanks for coming. Don’t be afraid to leave feedback.

Hey Collin, you did really great. The only 2 things I can add is the following.
Just after the transision you gave me a clearance without pattern entry.
After go-around you gave me direction of pattern and rwy03R I believe and after t&g you gave again the direction of traffic circuit and clear for the option(not necessary after GA with direction) . But in this case it was a good idea to repeat it because
before the go around I was doing left circuits on rwy03L.
Very good things were the check rwy and at the end the clear to land after the go-around when I said full stop! Good transition altitude btw.
Keep it up like this!

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Thank you for the feedback.

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Thanks to eveyone that came and flew some patterns. I passed my practical.

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