College for being a pilot?

You can come to AZ’s classes, they got amazing professors, and go to North Aire aviation. It’s a flight school near by. I am glad I was kicked off, even if I am still working on my private in California, but I also picked up some Amazing knowledge from the professors. Such as jet and rocket propulsion, military aviation, and laws.

Well I want to go to college for at least something aviation related, so would a degree in aeronautical science or aeronautical engineering be any different from just a degree in aeronautics? It would probably would offer even more opportunities than a degree in aeronautics.

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the only difference between aeronautical science and aeronautics (at embry riddle at least) is that in aeronautical science you do the flying at the uni while in aeronautics you take the same classes as you would in aeronautical science but you do the flying outside of school

when i said a degree in aeroanutics is completely useless outside of aviation what i meant was any degree thats related to actually learning to fly an airplane is going to be useless in the real world besides pilot jobs

lets say i have an aeronautics degree and u have an aeronautical engineering degree and we’re both working for delta

we both lose our medicals so we can’t fly anymore

you have an engineering degree so you can go work for companies like boeing, lockheed, etc
i have a degree in aeronautics so im basically out of options when it comes to finding a high paying job

you can dm me if you have any other questions

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I never said I had fun there lol

Me neither. But I’m a pilot, and right quick too.

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The only reason I went there. 90 day program grad here. Glad they got rid of that. It was beyond brutal. Fire hose and staying away from Ernie strange out of JAX lol

I was out at IWA. I feel like there and JAX versus any of the smaller locations are two completely different experiences

tbh i wud rather go to the az campus but its way too far from me

Most legacy carriers require a college degree.

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I’m only 17, just got my private pilots license. No, I don’t want to go to college because you don’t NEED to, that and it’s a LOT of money, but it is highly recommended. A lot of airlines (especially the ones that pay well) will definitely look for a college background. If you’re not going for an ATPL, and just commercial, there are plenty of little jobs you can do that wouldn’t look for college, or you could make you’re own business. But, generally, college gives you a better chance at making it.


Not required in Europe anyways and it doesn’t actually benefit you if we’re talking European airlines here to my knowledge.

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