College for Aviation

Hello I have a question for you guys!
Q: Which college are you going to study for aviation?
I’m going to Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University in Daytona Beach, FL.


I’m already studying at a private aviation high school in Italy.

Embry riddle is one cheap school 🙄

I may go to Kent State University, depending on my major. Best Avaition school in my state, and one of the top in the country (Ohio, USA)

Are you sure? It’s a big college, my brother attended it and he loved it!
Make sure you check the numbers…

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Is it too late to defer your app? Coming out with over 200k in debt wouldn’t make sense. If you still want to attend ERAU get your ppl out of the way this summer which will save you a year and 48k.

I would say, get your ppl, go to a good state school, major in a good back up (mine was business and bio) and on the weekends fly to build time towards your instrument and then your commercial. You will save a ton of money that way.

Atp at Daytona? Or Jax? @FedoraPilot I didn’t know they allow you to break it up like that. Thought they only offer 0- commercial and all your cfi certs or instrument - commercial and all your cfi certs

Which location?

ATP in Trenton, NJ
ERAU in Daytona Beach.

Interesting. never knew atp would let you just do your ppl there. They want you to do every certification with them.

How do you like it so far?

Its really good! You should attend.

I did. I did their whole program in 90days. 92 days to be exact. ☺

I am going to Henderson State University for my aviation college

When did they say you will get your ppl?

And your only 13? Wow. Genius. @FedoraPilot

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