College Flight ratings

I will be starting college this up coming fall i wanna get mostly everything planned out i wanna to know which ratings i get while in school and which one to avoid , my parents want to get a estimate on how much my ratings are going to cost me , it would get for some advice from people that been through college and others who are still in college. Also my school offers the united avaite program which i wanted to know if thats another thing i should look into or avoid

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Well what’s your goal?

I am currently a professional flight major at Auburn University. The flight school here has treated me quite well. I would recommend getting your private pilot license out of the way before going to college.

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Oh ive been heavily looking into that and the aviation management degree there for college. I may have some questions for you.

I know of a 2 year school that gets y’all your ratings. It’s quite cheap and you can get an RATP

Feel free to reach out

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I want to able to go right into cadet program right out of college , is a multi engine instructor rating worth it for the short time until i get my ATP rating ?

I wish i could’ve done thag , but it was cheaper to just get mines in college

ME in general is a very expensive rating, and to get your ME instructor rating I believe you need 15 hrs PIC time. Which if your paying 500 dollars an hour, it adds up quick ($7,500)

If you want it and you have the funds, go for it…

The school im going to is offering MEI for $2000-$3000 but i dont know how update this price is

But do you think its a Necessary rating?

Necessary, maybe not. You’ll need at least a multi endorsement to get an ATP as far as I recall. I assume you’re in the United States?

Yes, i live in the US

Awesome love to see it congratulations on getting accepted!

This ultimately is dependent on what you want to do in aviation… if you want to go airlines you have to have private, instrument, commercial, and then CFI/CFII is good but not necessarily required because there are several ways to build hours…

I would look at the program you are going to whether it be Embry Riddle, UND, K-State, ATP, or any part 61 or 141 flight training school’s website to see the estimates… Remember those estimates are for best case scenarios, no extra training, no redo’s, no failures… etc

Im currently a junior at K-State(i know i suck at making usernames) in their Professional Pilot Program, so ask away id be happy to help!!

Once again, if you want to commit to a specific airline early go for it, but id recommend waiting and see what the best opportunity is… Things can and will change over the years, and contracts(if you accept funding…etc) will still bind you to that company regardless if you want to work for them or not.

I suggest looking at this topic then:

It contains a ton of great information on getting an ATP from people who are far more knowledgeable about it than me.

Multi rating (to fly multiengine airplanes) is required, the MEI (Multi Engine Instructor) Rating is not


Im going to Elizabeth city its a medium-size college in north Carolina, my PPL should only cost me around 6500 which isn’t bad i wanna make sure before i graduate i have all the right ratings

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I talked to a pilot once and it said it took him 9 years to end up in the right seat of a A321 , he said he did 4 years in college and 5 years in regional airlines i wanna make sure by the time im done school i can be on the same path , 9 years seems like a long time I know time flys

Yeah just remember that is the baseline cost. Just because its advertised doesn’t mean it won’t cost anymore… For example, I was in the middle of my IFR training when COVID hit, uni shut down for 3 months, had to work in the summer to pay for school, and a mix of other factors contributed to me paying at least double the advertised cost…

What are some things i can do now to get me ahead of curve and im not asking that to be a know it all when i start flight training but be alittle more easier to teach