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787 vertical takeoff


would been Better if done in house colors

I tried my best this video took a bit of time.

Did u like it?

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Sorry for bad sound

The appr is amazing!!


Oh I thought that was just for the landing lights, but thanks.

Don’t forget to post all your videos here!

Amy more videos

just look up infinite flight on youtube and apply the ‘videos from today’ filter, there are plenty of videos

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That’s horizontal takeoff… vertical is straight up (eg. F-35)

Lare it’s at pilot discretion mostly but sometimes airlines make you turn on lights before taxi no rules about having lights off though

All lights go ask any commercial pilot you can never have to many lights on

Have to support @Boeing_777 with this. I know for a fact that WN has strobes on after pushback and during taxi. It’s up to the airlines. Some airlines do, especially at night for extra aircraft visibility.

Haha so I was right in the video. Thanks gus.

Next time wait till after pushback for strobes. Turn them on after you start to taxi, middle of taxi, or after pushback is complete

I have a time lapse if that counts, lel