Collecting XP's during Touch n Go's

So I was looking at posts of people talking about their XP’s. I tried getting XPs doing a few touch and go’s. However I realized that I only got the XP’s for flyingtime and not for landing. I landed - made sure all 3 wheels on the ground - rolled - took off- did not use brakes. The connection was all green too.

What am I doing wrong?



How long were you flying for? And how much XP did you get?

You get 10 XP for every minute in the air.
Maybe you landed too hard…?

nope. good flare and everything . i was up in the air for a total of 35 minutes. i got around 350 xp.

That’s weird

You should get an average 150 xp during landing (eventhough it was a bad landing).
Here’s my summary. I did one landing in 7 minutes on 30 kts crosswind. I got 273 xp landing points and 70 xp for time in the air. According to your explanation, yes that’s weird.

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Nice one, here is my personal second best. My best was 277XP last April, but now I can’t find it.



Impressive! Actually I’ve watched your youtube videos and keep practicing since then :)

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Glad to hear it, thanks! :)

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