Feedback from N1RK

- (16:02:25) Tad late clearance on my final turn. when you confident enough the sequence won’t change, you can give them clearance straight away, no need to wait untill base/final

  • No sequence on my second pattern, you have to guve me sequence to let me know whom should i follow, in this case i should be number 2 traffic to follow is on left base/final

  • No runway exit nor handoff to ground, had to request first. you have to pay attention to their speed, once they hit 60kts ish, you can issueing exit command, try to aim 50-60kts

Overall practice more and you can be better!👍🤘

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I will be opening at KFAT to practice parallel runway patterns. Would be great if you pop by and do some pattern work or fly-in !


See you then!

@Syncline @Ramzi_Khairan @Ben_Bino @Korky_da_pig @SierraHotel

Not now, it is at

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Sorry about that, Which time zone are you in?

Nvm. I just confused lol, will be there soon!

See you then!

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Hi everyone

KFAT is now open!!

Tower and ground frequencies will be open

@SierraHotel @Ramzi_Khairan @Syncline

Feedback from N1RK

- (08:44:20) Unnecessary extend downwind, YU-MMMY is on 11R and i’m on 11L, there is no need to give me extend downwind + i’m on base, you should’ve give go around instead if you think i have short spacing with aircraft ahead

- (08:49:35) Nice job on extending upwind for YU-MMY on our upwind conflict. how ever you can give them pattern entry once the conflict finished. in this case you could give YUMMY “enter left downwind runway 11L, number 2 behind the traffic on Left downwind” because if you give him “turn crosswind” he will turn to the right since his initial instruction is right traffic

  • Good sequencing and clearance!

- (08:57:13) executing the go around perfectly!

- (08:56:31) Late exit command at 31kts

Additional Note

- (08:47:31) YUMMY is performing stop and go, so no need to give him exit command

Thanks Colelee083!

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Thanks for the feedback

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Hi again,

KFAT is open again!!

Tower and ground will be open

okkkkk. inbound

KFAT is now Closed