Hi everyone, I am applying for IFATC, it would be great if a few of you pop by to give me some feedback at what it can do to improve. Feel free to do any Pattern work, fly-ins or departures!

Tower and Ground Frequencies will be active

Server: Training

Thanks in advance!


I hope you had a really good turnout. I wanted to join you and help you train, but I got caught up at work. I wish you all the best.

Tag me in ur next session!

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@SierraHotel @Korky_da_pig

At vhhh

Could you please tag me when your open? Ill try my best to stop by.

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@Ben_Bino @SierraHotel @Korky_da_pig

Tower and ground are now OPEN!

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Feedback ZK-BEN

[6:42:46] When you cleared me for take-off and right traffic you sent me right into a mountain making me change to 07L
[06:43:00] Recived no pattern entry when I requested change just a clearance
[06:46:30] Wansnt a need for Right 360
[06:47:58] You gave me a parrern entry but there wasnt a need for the “Correction, Stand by” And then a sequence
[06:51:18] Recived a double clearance
[07:04:37] Again, sent me into a mountain
[07:05:37] Recived no pattern entry to the RWY change just a sequence
Note: All Aircraft Need a Sequence and a clearance not just one of them

Thanks for the feedback! @Ben_Bino

I need to choose an airport with less terrain around for pattern works

Hope you’ll join again in the future

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Some ideas for you

  • KFAT
  • EDDL
  • NZCH
  • NZDN (Good to learn backtaxi)
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Hi mate, You really need improvement on every side of Ground & Tower operation in Infinite Flight.

  1. Transition above 3500 (06:52:46) wasn’t the best one. (1000+1500+Airport Altitude) so I think for VHHH above 2500-3000ft is good enough.
  2. (06:55:26) For all inbound traffic requires pattern entry and sequences (if needed). The thing that was lacking from your session earlier was the lack of pattern entry.
  3. (06:56:47) Sequence on the clearance is good, but what is odd in the clearance earlier is the pattern direction on your clearance. It is highly recommended that if you use runway 07L, the pattern direction should be Left traffic.
  4. (07:06:09) At this clearance, you no longer need to provide pattern direction (right traffic). The reason is that I am already in the pattern circuit. So what you should do is just give clearance with the sequence.
  5. (07:09:54) exit runway command was late, make sure to send this command when the aircraft speed is above 50kts below 70kts to prioritize traffic efficiency for landing and takeoff.

  • I want to suggest you an airport that is suitable for training (an airport that is a bit terrain)
    a. You can find at this link below:
    Top 10 Local Training Airports
    b. or my personal advice:

I hope the best for you and I hope you can join the IFATC team soon! Have a great one!



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Thanks alot for the feedback @Syncline

Hope you’ll join again in the future!

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@Ben_Bino @SierraHotel @Korky_da_pig @Syncline

I will be opening at RCKH today, would be great if you pop by again!


Hi everyone, RKCH is now open!
Free free to come and do pattern works, fly-in or departures. And some feedback with be much appreciated!

Tower and Ground Frequencies will be active

Server: Training



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on my way ?:)

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if all goes well with the takeoff, i may do a low pass. keep an eye out xD

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a bit of a mach 2.0 low pass to finish it off…

all went well sir. just i was no.2 for landing at one point, but you called me no.3. apart from that, perfect ATC. thanks for the service

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There was 2 aircraft ahead of you in the sequence

negative, there was one that was on the takeoff roll and one on short final. hence i was no.2 for final

There were 2 plane on final

just replayed the flight. ok you could argue there was one a very very very very short final 110ft AGL but he was literally any second about to plant his main wheels onto RWY27. a suggestion is to wait for any traffic coming ‘over the hedge’ to land then issue me a clearance. :)

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