Cole_Collins ATC Tracking thread! (CLOSED)

Feel free to fly here as I will control for maybe 30 minutes! Please leave feedback on this thread, Thanks!

I’m assuming this is TS1?

Can you also put if it is closed or open?

Hello Everyone! I will be open at Tffr

Which region is that?

Caribbean region I believe. ;)

I disregard last message im currently talking with IFATC recruiter :)

Yes, I will be active for 20 more minutes at Point A Pitre

Hey, this is MN-LIT here. Well done! Couple things I noticed for feedback:

  1. Wait for people to announce intentions (pattern or departure) before instructing to back taxi instead of assuming they’re departing.

  2. Pattern instruction is needed (when I reported inbound the first T & G) when reporting inbound.

Also try to clear & sequence as soon as possible so pilots know who to follow.

Otherwise, well done & thx for the service.

Regards, Moonlit

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Hello Moonlit! Thank you for your advice! I will try to work on that. I would like to apologize for making you go around a bunch of times, there were people who just kept going on the runway, when they weren’t cleared.

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Doesn’t matter to me really, and it’s to no fault of yours anyway😉. Apologies on my side for having sent a couple of duplicate messages, my wifi connection wasn’t too solid I’m afraid.

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Hey everyone, I’ll be open at Saint Marteen! Feedback always appreciated

Thank you to all who came!

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