Cold start not working

I’m having trouble starting my planes now. From a cold start, main battery does nothing, I start the APU, that’s doesn’t do anything, I just end up doing auto start, it’s the same issue on multiple devices so I think I’m missing something

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Take a look at the awesome user guide for guidance:



Are you sure that your APU is ON rather than START, because it won’t work until it is ON.

You might just need to let it kick in!


It should go to on automatically after you put it on start.


Yes, however you should set it to START first, and then it will go onto ON.

The tutorial @Balloonchaser linked above should explain it all!


Still won’t work, followed the tutorial. APU is on, main battery is on, NAv light onc got clearance from tower, and still won’t do anything image

So what you mean is that the screens inside the live cockpit and the lights don’t work?

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Yes, the system computer doesn’t come on. Along with not being able to start the engines

Have you tried restarting Infinite Flight? Perhaps also clear cache under Infinite Flight’s settings and see if that fixes anything, if you’ve done all of the above, perhaps try reinstalling, make sure to save your replays beforehand if you don’t want to loose them, if it still persists I guess it’s a bug.

Yes, many times( I also have two iPads and it’s doing it on both

If possible, can you screen record the steps that you take to begin your flight?

Make sure that you follow the steps in the User Guide and specifically that you turn the APU to START instead of just putting it to ON.

This is peculiar… try restarting from fresh and made really really sure you do the following:

  • APU ST
    …and here’s the thing:

- Wait and count 1001…1002…1003…1004…1005 → APU ON then should turn on automatically, not by user input (particularly when engines are still off!)

Your cockpit should light up. If that doesn’t fix it then I’m baffled… let us know how you went please, thanks.

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It’s working now! I re download-Ed the app, I wasn’t doing anything different either so not sure why was happening!

Thanks everyone for the help!

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Glad it is working