Cold Spotting day at the Manchester-Boston Regional Airport!

Hello everyone!

I went to the airport again today to take some more epic photos from Manchester! It was Really Cold when I arrived, and the wind made it even more colder, which forced me to go into D’Angelos to warm up, which meant I had to miss most of the Morning Traffic, though they were just regional and GA airplanes. Luckily, the Airport was using Runway 24 for Takeoff and Departures, but was also using 35 as well.

While I plane spotted, My camera died As I was filming a FedEx A300F Taking off. I was so frustrated and was swearing a bit, but I managed to take pictures of it departing luckily, as the Camera didn’t die all the way, all it said was Batteries Exhausted. Luckily, I had backup batteries as I knew that the current Batteries would run out, so after the FedEx plane left, I changed out the Batteries and continued spotting.

Needless to say, the only complaint I had was the morning, as it was so cold and the wind wasn’t helping, and that I missed spotting the FedEx DC-10, as that was why I wanted to go as early as 7:30am.

At the end of the day, I met other local spotters and we all spotted together, and had a good time.

Well, here are the photos!

Cloudy start to the day, very cold too. Taken once I arrived. Same location as before

Blurry photo, but you can see that due to the clouds, the inside of the tower was visible

Runway 24, the current Active runway of the day

A Chevy Silverado seen driving along the Perimeter road of the airport

First airplane of the day, the usual Southwest Airlines Boeing 737-800 on RNAV Approach to RWY 24

Taxiing after landing

A Cirrus SR-22 on Final

Taxiing off the runway into Taxiway Lima to the General Aviation Ramp

A Mitsubishi MU-2B-40 taxiing to runway 24

N407KC, a Mitsubishi MU-2B-40

Very blurry, right after Departure

First Heavy I’ve spotted for the day! A FedEx Airbus A300F Taxiing to Runway 24

Full shot of the airplane

Closeup shot of the Cockpit and nose

This was the point where my Camera was shutting off. I really was swearing as I tried to turn it back on, knowing I don’t have time to replace the batteries fast enough, and the plane was already lining up for departure on Runway 24

Battling to keep the Camera on, snagged before it started its takeoff roll

Camera kept turning off, the airplane was now approaching V1, Managed to turn it on again to snag one more photo

Managed to take a photo of the FedEx Express A300F rotating.

After the FedEx A300F Departed, I swapped the Batteries with fresh new ones I had in my pocket incase the camera happened to die, and it so happened to die at the worst moment

This is why I love spotting at Runway 24, I get to catch this American Airlines Airbus A319 again!

This jet was taxiing behind the A319, unfortunately, this is the only photo I have of this plane.

Best Photo of the American A319 I have taken so far. I love it and It’s now my Favorite Facebook Cover photo :)


The pilots! I wanted to say hi as they departed, but was too cold to do an action

A Citation on Final to RWY 24

I Wonder what aircraft this is

The Horizontal Stabilizer (or tail) of the A319. The Airplane didn’t depart until the two airplanes landed. It was holding short for about 15 minutes before departing. I Filmed the Departure, so no photos of it rolling down the Runway

Hope to see you again sometime soon!

Republic Airlines Embraer E175 on Short Final for RWY 24

After landing, used up almost all of the Runway

It was so cold, I couldn’t think very well, so I saw this SW 738 and decided to just take photos.

Rolling down the Runway. I then just watched the plane take off, and headed inside to warm up, and eat something.

After this, I went inside D’Angelos, as it got really cold, and the wind didn’t help, as the Temperature outside was around 40ºF, and with the winds, it felt like 12ºF outside. I ended up spending an hour inside the Restaurant warming up, and I also ate lunch (technically Breakfast), as it was now 11am. I missed most of the traffic coming into the airport, but they were just the normal planes that come into Manchester, so it wasn’t a big deal.

After eating food and warming up

Came back outside quickly losing warmth, and I saw this Pilatus PC-12 on Final. It had an interesting Landing light pattern, as one side flashed, then the other, and vice versa

After Landing, I thought it was heading to Signature, but it ended up doing a Stop and Go, and proceeded to taxi back to Runway 24 via Hotel, Juliet.

Taken before it departed again

These planes are usually in Portsmouth at the Portsmouth International Airport at Pease

Not that good with Business jets. Taxiing to 24 for departure

Before Departure

Pacific Southwest Airlines CRJ200 on Final, RNAV APPR into RWY 24

Right after landing, spoilers extended

N108KC taxiing to the Runway. I wish I toured this plane back in May, but it wasn’t in the hanger when I went :(

After Departing

Piedmont Airlines Embraer E145 on Final

It’s interesting seeing the different types of Thrust Reversers Airplanes have. This one has a Clamshell design that opens outwards

It’s now Noontime, and a local spotter came up to me and we had a chat about aviation. Another Local spotter with a much better DSLR Camera came up. We all just chatted about Aviation, and I happen to meet the one who owned a DSLR Camera who owned a Facebook page called “So Many Aircraft” in which I was a member of. He happened to love aviation, and always spotted at Manchester, as he worked close to the airport. He would always catch the early birds and heavies all the time. A Gulfstream showed up and we resumed our planespotting, now with three spotters. The sun was also coming out and was getting warmer

Resuming our planespotting

Very nice Gulfstream! It’s a G5, as it had very long wings. Can easily hop the pond to Europe with enough fuel

Entering the Runway. Simple livery.

Right after it departed. Tiny amount of smoke from the burnt gas coming from the Engine can be seen

PSA CRJ200 taxiing to the Runway, departing to DC

Heading to Washington DC

The Sun makes all the planes shiny! This is the First Time I am spotting a Southwest 737-700 with Split Scimitar Winglets (not kidding)

Clear shot of the Boeing 737-700/w

After Departing. The 737 seems to have really good Wingflex, behind the B787

Can anyone guess the airline? Caught this 744F passing NH airspace.

This was a surprise. A UPS 752F Reposition flight from Boston. The 757 was flying low, as Manchester was only 50 miles from Boston. Did this route (KMHT-KBOS) with @Nathan on Global

After landing, used up the entire runway. Revamp the 757 in the Sim!!

SkyWest Airlines CRJ900 taxiing to the Runway on it’s way to Detroit

Liftoff, with a smoke trail being left behind

Hello in there! Mind if I take a photo of you? thanks!

It does in fact get boring seeing the same airline over and over again… Here’s a SW 737-700 on short final

Touchdown! @Eighty, this is for you :)

Flaps deployed

Piedmont Airlines Embraer E145 taxiing for Departure, heading to PHL

“Operated by Piedmont Airlines

Holding short

Fail #1, didn’t get the shot of both the E145 and CRJ200… Maybe next time

Right after touching down

Sneaky Ford Explorer (2nd Gen) MHT Truck behind the waiting ERJ145

Attempt #2. Will I finally get my shot?

LOL NOPE, failed again! Gave up

Another Touchdown with Smoke for @Eighty :)

ERJ finally departed. I was disappointed that I failed at getting two planes in one shot :(

Ooooooo! An Xtra Airways B737-400! Going to Portland, ME :) Thankful it came to Runway 24!

Taxiing for Takeoff. Don’t look above the Cockpit window, there is some minor paint that is peeling off!

N688XA, A Boeing 737-400 with dual overwing exits due to how much PAX it carrys

Of to Portland, Maine! Btw, the Callsign for Xtra Airways is Casino. Interesting, right?

Another Business Jet, don’t know the model, taxiing for Departure

Went random and shot the Red Navigation light on the very edge of the wing. Why do they use Green and Red for the Nav Lights?

Have a safe flight!

After the plane departed, I called my Brother to pick me up. One of the local spotters then went back to work after the Xtra 737 departed. We bid farewell to him. Then it was just me and the other local spotter, so I packed up my stuff, only for him to point out that a UPS 757 was making it’s way to the Runway. In a hurry, I again unpacked the Tripod and hurriedly put everything into Position. I almost dropped my Camera, but I adjusted the Tripod and Everything went good after that

After I set up the Tripod again, almost having a near disaster with almost dropping my Camera

N464UP, a Boeing 757-200F Going to Louisville, KY

Entering the Runway

After Departure, with the Red Beacon lit on the top of the Fuselage

A Somewhat Dirty Endeavor Air CRJ200 Taxiing to the Runway, going to LaGuardia

I love the little RJ’s. They’re like sports cars, small, yet fast and powerful. I also love the Engine sound! Very satisfying :)

Have a safe flight

Southwest peeking behind a Building

Not all 737-700’s have Split Scimitars

I love the lighting the Sun Produced when the plane taxied to the Runway

Nice blue skies,

A CRJ900 operated by PSA Airlines taxiing to the Runway, heading to Charlotte

American Eagle


Look closely at the windows, more random people traveling! Hello!

Banking Right towards Concord

Closeup shot of a Piedmont Airlines Embraer E145

Landed, going to turn out on Taxiway Mike to the Gate

The Final plane of the day, an Embraer Phenom on final. My brother arrived and before this plane entered Final, he watched the landing with me and the local spotter.

N116DK taxiing to the GA Ramp via Lima.

After almost 8 hours of spotting, I went home, saying goodbye to the Local Spotter, and he left as soon as I left the airport. It was a good day at the end, despite my Camera dying and almost dropping my camera, and me meeting Local Spotters made spotting more fun. I went home and hopped on to this community to share today’s spotting. It takes a lot of courage to go spotting on a very cold day, I never liked spotting in the cold, as it is, of course, cold.

Thank you for viewing my topic, feedback is appreciated!


*737 ;)
XTRA is a charter airline too, not surprised they have the extra overwing exit.

They are opposites on the color wheel and Blue / Orange and Purple / Yellow blend in too much with the sky.


So what is the name of your partially-naughty camera?

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Nice Topic! Although I kinda got dizzy after scrolling through so much photos. Great pictures anyway!


Lol, it’s just my Nikon Nerdpix B500. Rather interesting Spotting day for me :)

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Great shots!! I always love seeing shots from MHT. One of my plans after I get my drivers license is to do the 4.5 hour drive up there from Long Island to go spot there!

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Wow! This is probably the first time I’ve ever had to scroll so much through one post just to find my tag haha – thanks though. :)

Sounds like you had a ton of fun spotting at MHT. Doing that for 8 hours straight takes some serious commitment especially in the cold New England weather. Nice lengthy topic and cool photos. Keep ‘em coming! 👍


Awesome photos. Thanks for sharing them! Nice to see MHT get some recognition.

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Great photos again! 8 hours in the cold too, great job!

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Wow. Very nice pictures. My favourite is the one of the FedEx plane taking off! 8 hours of spotting too! That’s dedication.

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Nice pics :)

I love all those different types of aircrafts, great job xD

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