Cold Europe

Cold Europe 🌨

¤ Taken At Budapest, Hungary & Stockholm, Sweden In The Expert Sever

¤ Taken At Sion- Switzerland In The Expert Server


Very nice shots!!!

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Thank You Very Much! 🤗

Were they taken at sunrise? I love sunrise pics in IF! Great photos by the way, mate! ;)

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Wizzair was sunset!

C750 was Sunrise!

Thanks @Rilej_aviation

Huh. Never heard of it.


That picture with the wizz air looks awesome! Great shots!

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Yikes my bad !

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Thanks man! 😀

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Great shots Thomas!

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Thanks! 💪✌

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Beautiful pics! Love the mountains, the color of the nose of the Wizz air is nice!

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Thanks for the kind words!

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First one looks really cool 😎