Coke & Delta helps you with your dating life

While flying, recently on Delta Coke introduced their new napkins that some say are kinda… creepy.

Some of the napkins say “Be a little old school. Write down your number and give it to your plane crush. You never know…" and “Because you’re on a plane full of interesting people and hey … you never know”

The new partnership between Delta and Coke has some passengers scratching their heads and blast it all over social media. “Napkins received from @Delta on Wednesday flight seem unintentionally creepy, especially after reading the smaller print. Swing and a miss, @DietCoke,” a user wrote on Twitter. Delta has apologized for the napkins.


That is …creepy. for sure.

I’ve got to say, it’s a touch creepy, but I think people have taken this too far, the I just saw this on the National morning news, and I’ve got to say I definitely doesn’t deserve that attention in my opinion…

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That’s not something you see every day… i’m interested to see how this turns out lol

This is “creepy”? But yet people make a profile on Tinder and message strangers to meet up?


But not on a commercial airliner

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It’s literally no different than being at a bar and writing down your number and slipping it to someone…


There’s a huge difference
On a commercial airliner you’re there for a flight not to get drunk and get hit on

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My crush is that cute 787 in science class! I wonder if I should make a move before Valentine’s Day…


@zand3r The difference between meeting someone in person and walking away is that this is a airplane. You can’t just leave whenever you feel like it. well you can I just would not suggest it They will probably stare at you the whole flight and it would be awkward at the gate when your flight is over

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Is it actually that big of a deal? I don’t necessarily think so. It’s partly just funny. People make such a fuss about things. It’s a napkin, that could be used in a very practical way, in ways that it has been used many times before.

Is it creepy because it makes you uncomfortable to think that someone on the plane may be looking at you and thinking, “that person’s hot, let me give them my number…”?

Well let me educate you the napkin is not going to stop or start those thoughts. If they think it with the napkin, they will likely think it without the napkin too.

The only difference here is they may now have the courage to do it because it seems more natural than weird.

Also if you think it’s creepy for someone to give you a napkin with their name and phone number because they find you attractive, I feel truly sorry for you.

(Unless of course you’re 14 and they are 50… That is creepy)


@RotorGuy I don’t know a ton of people who go to bars to get hit on, they go to bars to drink…and I know quite a few people who are bar hoppers.

And odds are MOST people aren’t going to give you a napkin with their name and number immediately, they will probably wait until they are about to get off the plane…

90% of you sound like you’re 15


@Jshnlsn I agree 100%
When I worked as a ramp supervisor and manager, I would fly 1-2 a month to and from CLT, DCA, PHL, BOS, ATL, and meet all kinds of people (mostly flight attendants since we worked for the same airlines) and several times a general exchange was them passing me their number on a piece of paper or me passing one to them. It’s nothing new, it’s just like you said, a little more funny, and in my view a conversation starter or friendship starter.


Sure you don’t know a ton of people, all my friends and I when we go out they typically do. Just a normal occurrence when we do… When I fly on a commercial airliner to work I don’t expect a napkin with a phone number. There’s a time and place to do things, at a bar getting drunk sure, on a commercial airliner no.

That’s what I’m getting…

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@RotorGuy I don’t expect to meet/talk to someone at a bank, but that’s happened. I fail to see your point.

A commercial flight is no different than any other daily activity.

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Do you expect in a bank to be hit on?

@RotorGuy I don’t expect to get hit on anywhere, but if it happens, it happens.
I still fail to see your logic.

Which is odd and unusual in a bank setting. A bank is a place of professionalism not a dating platform. On a commercial jet you do not expect to get hit, while at a bar setting where you are getting drunk it’s different…

We can have our own opinions, that’s all fine.

I don’t think a napkin has ever hurt anyone.
And won’t hurt anyone in the future.

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