Coffs Harbour Spotting - January 2021 | Medics, Jets, Vintage and GA!

Hello Everyone, and welcome to my first spotting topic of 2021!

On the menu today… Private jets, the Air Force and Medical King Air’s.

Let’s get into it!

First up… A97-448, a Royal Australia Air Force Lockheed C130J Hercules.

On it’s flight, “Trojan 52” departed Williamtown (Newcastle) Air Force Base on what I can only assume to be a training mission. Flying first to Tamworth and conducting 2 missed approaches, it made it’s way to Coffs Harbour, where it spent the night and most of the next morning.

Now, a CareFlight Beech B200 Super King Air. VH-ZCY (or “CareFlight 21”) flew the 54 minute jaunt from Newcastle - a routine route for this aircraft.

This aircraft spent just over an hour on the ground before departing for Armidale - a 31 minute flight away. Interestingly, each flight was operated by a one man flight crew, with the addition of two nurses. For the most part though, the plane was arriving with a bunch of medical equipment - mainly COVID-19 tests and PPE masks.

Here’s one you won’t see everyday - N465DG, a 13 year old Eclipse EA500. I like to think of it as a tiny Citation X.

This aircraft had flown the 20 minute flight from Port Macquarie, it carried a family of 5 (three in the back, two in the flight deck) and was on the ground for 2 days. Short holiday? I haven’t a clue.

Now for what it most definetialy the oldest aircraft I’ve ever caught… A 68 year old De Havilland DHC-1 Chipmunk.

VH-JDM was built in 1953, and started out in the UK. After somehow making its way to Australia (probably flew here - I wouldn’t have a clue), it made it’s way to Coffs Harbour, where it does whatever it wants. This picture was taken whilst it was conducting its run-up checks, just before it taxiied out to the runway.

And finally, but definately not least… A 6 month old Sting S4 Ultralight.

Registered as 23-1677, it operates as a training aircraft at a flight school here in Coffs Harbour. I’ve got just over 20 hours under my belt, all in this aircraft. It’s pictured just after a flight, and just before another. I just so happened to be the latter.

Thanks for viewing and reading through my stories! Hope there was a good amount of diversity in this one - no commercial aircraft this time!

Let me know what one’s your fav by leaving a comment (this is also where you can tell me how I can improve).

Have a good one!


Awesome photos Adam. All of them are super unique, which makes this topic even more interesting and spectacular!

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Thanks Declan! Much appreciated… 😊

NOICE pic buddy!

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Thanks mate! 🤪

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i like the first pic and the fourth pic

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Oh they look good❤ thanks for sharing

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