Coffs Harbour Regional Airport (YCFS)

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Coffs Harbour Regional Airport (YCFS) is one of the most busy regional airport in New South Wales, and one of the only ones who have a Control Tower. The airspace around Coffs Harbour is one of the busiest in the world; with flights like SYD to BNE. Five airlines serve the airport with flights back and fourth between Coffs and Sydney, Coffs and Melbourne and Coffs and Brisbane. The airport can handle up to a an aircraft as big as a Boeing 767, but only sees a Q400, Q300, B738 (Boeing 737-800), B737 (Boeing 737-700), A320 and Baaron 58. The airport handles up to 316,000 people every year. The airlines that operate to this airport are QantasLink, Tigerair Australia, Virgin Australia, Fly Pelican and Fly Corprate.
The airport has two runways; one for GA aircraft, and one for the commercial.

In Infinite Flight no-one uses the airport but me. Seriously, Its like I’m the only one that knows about this airport.

It would be nice to see some more people use this airport and make it a bit busier.

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I might try that
Make an event there if u want to!

Yea, I’m thinking about doing that…

I have been there 5 times since global came out.

Might be better to post it here rather than to make a separate topic about it. I’ll try to go here btw :)

did a flight from sydney to Coffs harbour a couple of weeks in dash 8 qantas link

Mmm I might try that airport. Cheers! :)

Moved to RW as it’s more of a bio on the actual airport. Nice little facts though.

I haven’t heard about Coffs Regional. Is it a subsidiary of a bigger airport? I’ll check it out

Will definetly check out this airport when the Qantas, or Virgin Australia 737 arrived into Imfinite Flight.

This airport looks edited (except for this: 33) unlike most Aussie airports. I recommend people flying

Well, looks like you will be the rare flight with the Qantas 737

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