Coding Skills

Hello avgeeks…
Anybody here good at coding and apps’ developments and have a free time? If yes; please send me a direct message…


Hey there mate!

Interesting query you have here! I suggest that you perhaps explain what you might want/the question you have right in the first post. I can give you a few reasons why this might be useful:

  • Other people looking for the same question can get an answer by looking at the thread
  • You will more than likely get more help by posting it here because the post will get more traffic and it’s easier to answer your question when knowing it straightaway
  • Plus it is great etiquette and allows others who didn’t have the question to learn something!

I hope you get your question answered! ;)

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Thanks for your reply…
I didn’t post my query here because i know by heart that my topic has been discussed before and I don’t want to lose it because of a duplicate… That’s completely not related to etiquette as i know how to treat other people respectfully and i’m not intending to hide information or something… I just want to discuss the issue with someone can understand it well and offer me some helps… The problem i want it to be resolved related to an app that needs an updated because it’s now deprecated and i rely highly on it… Its deprecation and deteriorated performance has ruined my experience in the simulator and I’m highly upset… Hope you can understand… Stay safe…

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