Hi IF! I have been an unregistered viewer of this forum for years… I never understood code shares in VA?

If you want to fly other routes, just join another VA or fly by yourself with the call sign and correct route you like.

Why fly a Fedex route and get credit with Delta? Makes no sense. I get you get more people with less variety like SWVA, but you can be a member of a VA airline that has less routes and still fly others.

Anyways, good day. Just always thought it was funny to fly with Emirates and get credit as a American Airline VA pilot or whatever the case is and was curious everyone’s thoughts. Thanks!

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I do get the cycle of pilots through VAs are probably very large in and out esp with flight requirements that some may carry and activity is important inside a VA to maintain interest but I typically the pilots that fly with a specific VA is because they love the route or airline.

Anyways, I think its an interesting topic. Look forward to more replies. Thanks

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To add to @TwoTwenty , they are added routes for the VA with other VAs to add more routes that would not have been available for access via the original VA. For example, LOTVA, the VA I am in, has a codeshare with United Virtual. This allows me that once I get to a certain amount of flight hours, will be able to fly the various routes of United Virtual and still file them for my own flight hours.

Why not just join United I suppose and get the flight hours with only LOTVA routes? Seems more… worthy? Maybe bad word. Anyways, thanks for your thoughts!

I joined LOTVA because I am a lot more interested in LOTVA’s flights. Also, even though we have a codeshare with United Virtual, we get a scaled down version of their flights with only about 20 flights compared to their probably hundreds according to our route database.

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For me it’s about the time and effort of maintaining multiple VA accounts and keeping up with their Discords. I fly for British Airways VA and Air Canada VA because I like their routes specifically for the short haul pilot in the lower ranks.

Also they are active and there’s interesting stuff to follow & join in with. As a bonus I get to fly routes and log hours for my VAs with the likes of ANA, Aer Lingus, Iberia, LATAM, American …fantastic! There’s variety all over the world and plenty of 3D airports too!

I wouldn’t be able to join and maintain activity with all those other VAs.

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