Code02 ( error connect to Facebook)


I want to connect my google account with my Facebook account because of the flight hours I make there. But It gave me the " error linking account "

How can I ghet to my Facebook account with my flight hours?

Same here. I am having the same probems

Hey! Sorry to hear you’re having this issue. Can you post a screenshot of the error message it is showing?

Could you also confirm if you’re running on iOS or Android? Thank you!

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@Cameron it just kicks me out and it says that it stopped working


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What’s the last callsign you flew with?

It seems Facebook has been having outages and issues these past few days. could this be the issue?

Not related to this, we have a new auth system in 19.4 which could be a little funky :)

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Oh god I cant remember…

But all I can remember is that it ends with “9977”

Could you send me a screenshot of your about page? It’s under Settings, then in the bottom left corner.

Is this ok?

Thanks! That looks like it works now. Do you have an active subscription already?

Yes I have this one now


I want this sup to my Facebook account

Eren, your account should be sorted, thanks for your info!


Thanks bro its been changed thanks for the quik respons!

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Glad it works :) have a good night and enjoy the new update!

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