Code error 7

Hi i began having the code 7 error since yesterday and I dont know how to fix it.
I have an Samsung galaxy S21, I live in Panama and i havent had this problem before.
I already reboot my phone, put it in airplane mode and restart the app.
It began to appear since I arrived from my vacation trip in another country, I think that may be the cause,
help I’ve already tried everything and it doesn’t work and just today I wanted to fly

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I already did that ):

All of the things above?

Yes, already did that…

Maybe your device is broken or your connection isn’t strong enough

Doesnt has sense, ive play with the same device, same wifi network and nothing happened.

Same problem. Error code 7 start to appear since I arrived from my trip in another region too. That must be the cause.

Uh oh, Im going on vacation tomorrow for a month! I hope this isnt the problem, as I wont survive a month without IF. Maybe you have to delete and redownload the app in the new region?

Hey @ThePilotP4b21

I’ve had that problem both here in the USA and in Panama, where I’m from too. I just close the app and try again. Sometimes it may be due to opening the app without letting your device to connect to the WiFi connection, you can restart your device or let the device to connect to the internet and then try again.

This problem can happen pretty much everywhere in the world.

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