Code 3 Violation. Going through another aircraft

Hello. I was just waiting in line at TNCM for my flight to TJSJ. There was a Cessna Citation X in front of me. They were having connection problems and it looked like they disconnected. I waited a few seconds to see if they would pop back in. They didn’t so I proceeded forward. After I had stopped, the Citation spawned back in. I was forced inside the aircraft and had no room to turn out of it or pushback (the plane I was using, Cessna 208 Caravan, doesn’t even have an option to pushback). I got a message across my screen saying that I have received a Code 3 Violation for going through another aircraft. I couldn’t help it and it wasn’t my fault. I am now forced back to Grade 2. Is there any way to change it? Thanks!

-Trey Weger (Captain Weger)

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Contact @appeals for violation complaints. Be sure to send your replay with it.

Also, this wouldn’t belong to #support as this isn’t an issue with the game. You can move it to #live

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Hi! Can you log into your logbook and tell us who your controller was?

Hey! I am the controller at TNCM right now and I was the one who reported you. That is definitely a valid reason to get it removed so please contact @appeals about it! For future reference I’d wait a bit longer to move to the position an aircraft disconnected from as a lot of times someone’s internet may cut out for a good 30 seconds or more.


IanD was the controller. He said something on this


Great. You can contact @appeals with your replay now.

Please contact @appeals with your replay. Thanks!