Cockpit Zoom In

Hello all, today I was looking to fly a 737-800 on a route from MDW to PHX. I loaded into the game and entered the cockpit when I noticed all my instrument icons were enlarged and my zoom was way further in than before. IOS 15.4.1 recently came out and I was wondering if it had to do anything with that, but if not I would greatly appreciate if someone has a solution. (It was like playing on an iPad but with an IPhone)


The zoom on my phone was if I was playing on an iPad.

What it looks like. Keep in mind this is on an IPhone XR

Any luck after attempting to restart the game?

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I can try that thanks!

One other picture

Hmm… I’m assuming this might be an Apple Issue, I didn’t experience this on my Android

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I tried turning the zoom on and then turning it off but it was no use. It’s also not affecting any of my other apps

Fixed it this topic can be closed.