Cockpit viewing angle with HUD

To start with, I really loved the latest update and kudos to the team who worked on this.

Before all the moderators/Staff pounce on this thread like a fox ready to tear me apart with their blunt frustrated replies, do note that even I was a developer and I understand the level of effort that goes in developing an app(coding in general). Show some Empathy and respect and if your tolerance level is at all-time low, choose not to reply as the thread will be automatically closed.

Yes, the Live instrument was a requested feature, but never at a cost of a functionality(change in camera angle). Please do understand that everyone is not using an Ipad where the Live instrument is clearly visible. Also, a requested feature never ascertain that 100% of the active users are going to use it.

I would want to have Live Instrument to increase realism but not necessarily for actual flying use. Yes, a lot of users suggest that you can move it to manually adjust it with the horizon, but really! Do you think it’s possible during night flights or low visibility landings?

This is a pain point for many users here and is not something we are asking to fix right away, but if there is a scope of fixing/adding a small patch to go back to normal aligned view, it will be highly appreciated.



That’s probably the worst way to start a conversation.

Of course the live instruments are here at at the detriment of the HUD display. I fly on a S10 and all I have to do is, ya know, zoom in…

Even on landing it’s not a problem, you don’t always need to have the complete field of view to enjoy the flight. It’s mostly screen monitoring and you have the bar at the bottom if you really want to fly visual. Put your speed, AGL and VS to have primary informations.

The only thing the HUD was absolutely needed was for the virtual horizon, it’s easy to see even from far back.

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Please be respectful…

If you have any request, feel free to check if there’s you feature in #features if its not, you can post it there