Cockpit viewing angle with HUD

Greetings, whilst I enjoy the new update with working instruments, the problem that I had since the A-10 is the view from the cockpit with full HUD, is there anyway to fix it or we just need getting used to?

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It’s getting used to. The HUD isn’t supposed to be used in the cockpit view since live instruments.
As i mentioned here:


Thanks, but since is working with the old cockpit, is there any way in the future we will get back to how it used to be? Really enjoy the old style!

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The old cockpit HUD is aligned normally, because there’s no live instruments.
This will happen more & more as live instruments are introduced.

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Is it a technical issue with the HUD alignment?
This is more of a captain’s view, instrument with proper HUD

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Will the HUD be misaligned even in aircraft which have a HUD in real life, for example the A350. When the aircraft have HUD the pilots often use them, and if it is misaligned like this then that will become more difficult, perhaps having some kind of HUD cockpit view is the answer?

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They don’t have a HUD like this. If we were to make a HUD like it has in real life, using the flip down screen - it will be as it were in real life :)


Can’t we align it like in the old cockpit? Thank you so much for your time.

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No, and i explained why in my first reply :)

Hi. I’m still wondering, why can we not have the default eye level to match the right angle for a ‘useful’ HUD.
The live flight instruments are amazing but playing on mobile, they’re tiny and therefore I’m relying on HUD. Which is not very useful after this latest update. In my opinion the default eye level should be straight forward with correct HUD, and If you wanna check the instruments you can look down (just like you would do in real life) With these tiny instruments it is unplayable on mobile and I believe I’m not alone with this.


You are not alone! At least, I hope they add another view option with the HUD and FPV centered. I love the live cockpit, but the PFD is so small that I rather alternate with the HUD.


lets cut da devs sum slack guys they are working so so hard to bring out these updates dat we all need but…I just found out this live cockpit so I can’t wait to try it myself but im not going to blame tha devs lets jus get used to it for now

Don’t get me wrong. Absolutely massive appreciation to the devs. They do a fantastic job! I’m only worried that while this is a step forward it is a step backward at the same time in terms of usability.

The user has the option of showing or hiding the HUD. Usability is covered from both sides.

@schyllberg hi i wonder if this is a bug? because the captain view on my device “Ipad 6th generation IOS.12” is the same as before and the HUD is also on the same old spot!

just like the picture @Qantas_ryan shared above.

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The problem is that when you fly an airplane that has live instruments, the HUD and the FPV is not leveled by default. This is a usability issue for many of us…

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As i said here earlier (which would be the result of “leveling” them):

Lowering the view all together to make the HUD correct, would end up with you having the view over the dashboard like a 5 year old is in the seat. Not preferred, right?

@MGM1 - yes, that is a bug.

It’s a thing you will have to get used to. It’s simply not meant to have both up, that is why the HUD is off by default in those angles. The FPV that probably is the only thing that’s actually important here, is still correct.

I’m sorry if I’m sounding blunt now, but why should we spend time & resources developing a highly requested feature and once you get it, you don’t even use it? ;) Because that is actually what this is about…learn how to use the instruments and you will be perfectly fine. Promise :)


common sense ^_^

i mean we all cry about realism so yeah flying the aircraft using the live instruments is realism.

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Realism is king. And live instrument is a fantastic result. I think my main issue is that they are tiny on a 5.8 inch mobile screen. I guess IF slowly became a tablet only game.