Cockpit view

I will try it with an A388

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actually IRL your view is slightly left

Thats where it’s supposed to be

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What do you mean slightly left?

You’re right it’s slightly left as i said…try the 747 …its to the right of the altitude indicator…

No it’s not, as Brandon is trying to explain your view is still centered because the distance between the Center pane of glass and the pilots eyes is small. Maybe ‘slightly left’ as you’re saying but nothing significant

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Actually it isn’t but (The developers don’t move the camera slightly to the left on some aircrafts) Now I know it (This topic should close now

it’s small but (slightly) A far distance can change it by a lot

b747 is like that . Huh some aircrafts aren’t moved slightly to the left (A few)

I actually thought you were requesting a center" view of the cockpit

I don’t know how to English typing (lol)

No worries…Maybe you should checkout that tutorial…it’ll make you understand

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Use the HUD

My instructor said on my first flight that the taxiway lines should be right between the person in the left seat’s knees. Well, that is on a C172, could be different otherwise :P either way this is barely noticeable if at all, so I doubt you will see any change.

Great thing I searched. This thing has been bugging me

My cockpit view is to the left

I get what everyone means, it doesn’t really make a huge difference due to perspectives, but it seems weird such as to make you question: “Is this what I’m supposed to see or just a cockpit slapped onto the HUD view.”

Very mindblowingly complex.

To be onist I don’t are where it is because you can’t fly in cockpit mode unless you use auto pilot