Cockpit view

When you go are in the cockpit view, your view is at the middle of the aircraft. The view should be a little to the left than now.

My view is always to the left in cockpit view.


even tho it seems like that it isn’t

Sorry, but I don’t understand this. Mine is to the left.

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No, it doesn’t.

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if you align yourself with a taxiway then go to cockpit view, the taxiway is in the middle of the glass

Look at this, it only makes sense:
Obviously the taxiway is aligned with the middle of the glass.
Yes, this is a horrible imitation of a plane.


I’ve never noticed this before. Is it just certain planes?

It should be aligned with the middle glass but it’s aligned with the glass in front of you.

I’ve read an article before saying that the distance between the middle glass and the pilots view is so small that it doesn’t make much difference at all so the line can be centred for pilots view (needs clarifying though)

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That’s how it’s seen from the cockpit even though your centered. It’s exactly as it should be.

Actually the article is wrong

when your centered to the taxiway your view should be slightly to the left (VIEW)

When your cented on the taxiway the taxiway line should split you in half basically which is how it is in IF.

I will show you

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It depends with the aircraft…if its a small aircraft the taxiway should be at the altitude indicator/aligned with the yoke…in boeing…but for large aircraft’s its slightly and i mean slightly towards the right knee of the captain…not the middle of the glass…never has it been that way

I didn’t move

Exactly that’s how you see it in the cockpit in RL as well. If we had a co pilot view they would see the same :) it’s all about perspective

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I will try it with an A388

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actually IRL your view is slightly left