Cockpit view

I’ve been having issues lately when playing via the cockpit view that it keeps on moving around. Is there anyway to create a "locked cockpit view so it wont be moving around?


There is not unfortunately. All of the cockpit camera are all moveable. The only locked type of view that you’ll have would be found under HUD.


and the third button/view, outside, up one, outside locked

Hello! This is a feature called camera shake. I know what you mean. This is only on some aircraft and can’t be turned off. Sometimes it’s annoying and sometimes it’s realistic.

That I know. I mean to ask if it’s in plan to make a "locked cockpit view so you can do an inside view landing without the screen moving around?

What aircraft does the cockpit move around? All of them or just a specific one?

When you’re in the cockpit on final approach, if you double tap the screen, the camera will default to the original front-facing angle which is the best view for the landing.

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This question puzzles me as well, I don’t know which aircrafts provide this feature and which ones do not, really confusing…

If you’re talking about the movable cockpit view either in purpose or by accident, perhaps the closest hassle free thing would be the following feature request (automatic recentering when you release your finger - could be activated in settings for GA or military planes):

Because I’m sure a lot of people will not like a locked cockpit view.

All of them! Have you ever come in for landing and being on final hand flying the aircraft and all of a sudden it just moves away and you end up screwing your landing? That’s what I’m talking about

I really do think your option is better then locked. To swipe finger and return to center if released

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Wait, I think I know what you meant… Just crashed twice hand flying a C130. Cockpit view at first just suddenly locked itself I can’t look right n left, on landing I swiped on rudder to go centerline (left crosswind) but strangely it swiped the view instead 180 degrees to the headless pilot and locking me in that position, a taxiway warning occured but I can’t see outside, then I crash. All I could see is the headless pilot from the top. The cockpit moved! I think your post should be going to support there’s a bug of some sort… Or a headless ghost lol!

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Lol but that’s exactly what I’m talking about there needs to be a locked cockpit inside view just like the first camera view that’s locked so to make it realistic, but also be in locked position so it wont move around when coming in for landing!

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