Cockpit view

Ok is it just me or didn’t there used to be 3 different cockpit views in some aircraft!

There is one cockpit view. You can look all around though so I don’t see why you would need 3 views. You have infinite views!

747s have two views right by the cockpit if that is what you are referring to in addition to the real cockpit camera.

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There Used to be three of them the first one which has the horizon and map, then one that took the map away, then one with no map and no horizon. Now all there is, is the one with the map and horizon.

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@Brandon_Sandstrom Are you confusing with 3d cockpit and HUD???
@Swang007 @Swang007

Bottom left of the screen, HUD Full, HUD 1 and HUD 2.
Slide to the left and move up and down to select view.

No I never use the hud view this was a cockpit view

@Brandon_Sandstrom What you call this view?

Cockpit view

I finally get what you guys are saying my bad

Ok after I pulled my head out I figured it out. I was getting confused on the hud on the left and the Hud camera view. Ok so here is what I was trying to get at.

I would like to see the first picture with the compass and map and horizon but move the horizon down to the right of the compass and make it smaller so it’s like your gauges. Because you can fly from the first view but you have to change all your lower tabs to flight data such as altitude heading vs ect but it’s very hard to maintain level flight. What do you guys think? @Swang007 I’ll post this in features as well just wanted your take on it :)

@Swang007 can you also delete this as it has no relevance to anything.

I need the bottom status bar to navigate my flight plan.

No point in deleting it really. I only try to intervene when necessary.