Cockpit view

Is it possible to lock the cockpit view?

Isn’t the cockpit view already locked?

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When you say lock the cockpit view, does that mean not being able to move around the cockpit? If so, no you can’t.

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Yeah, if you just don’t move around the cockpit, it will just stay where it is.

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We’re not too sure what you mean by locking the cockpit view, if you could elaborate please.

I think I understand what you are saying. If you are wanting to pop the cockpit view back to level with the cockpit, you double tap the screen. Is this what you mean?

No you can’t currently lock the cockpit view. If you wish to reset the position of the camera you can do it by double tapping on the screen. If you wish to see this feature to come in the future you can vote for it:


I think it’s when you zoom out in a cockpit and then by accident you double tap or move your zoomed out view by accident and you can’t lock that view so it doesn’t move during a landing when you don’t want it to move

To keep it looking straight forward, so when you touch the screen it does not move. In other words, being able to lock/unlock which side of the wiew you choose.

Well there currently is not that sort of function, so perhaps you could make a feature request topic about it.

That’s right! It would be a good feature as I like to see more of a cockpit but can’t fly like that as it keeps on moving!

Well, of course, but that is not to “lock” the view. That is not what I mean. Thanks anyway.

There aren’t really many definitions of lock the cockpit anyway.

I think you are thinking of something similar to what I requested here (but for the cockpit camera):

That is exactly what I mean. It would be great.

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Yes it is possible, watch this tutorial video by Mark Denton

He means inside the Cockpit.

Yes, bookers4eva, I meant inside the cockpit.

No it’s like the cockpit 2 camera

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