Cockpit view zoomed out in TBM930

Hi everyone,
I don’t know if this slight problem is specific to my tablet, but in the cockpit view, most information at the bottom of the screen is barely readable, because it appears on top of brightly led screens on the dashboard (see picture below). As I now want to fly without the hub on, i canot get all the information I need in critical phases of flight, particularly upon landing. Is everyone having the same issue?
I zoom out a bit to get a good view, but then, whilst trimming the aircraft, it resets the view…

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Trimming the aircraft should not cause the camera to reset position, that is done by double tapping the screen which isn’t anything remotely similar to adjusting the trim. Perhaps you need to record this if possible?


Might be because i tend to trim by multiple little adjustments… i will try by choosing an increment and see if the view reset till happens.
Thanks for your help!

Check the settings on your device and see if you can change the contrast. Normally, there is a little black border around the text to help you read it even if the rest is very bright.

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Will give it a go, thanks, but my old eyes are worse than my dear old tablet!
I checked on my samsung A5 phone, and the issue is the same, even if the display is different.

Yeah thats a problem, the screens are too bright Vs the white text in the bar however I dont fly the non live cockpit aircraft without the hud as i required an artificial horizon to maintain level flight and to ensure i do not tail strike during takeoff/let down.

In all honesty, I probably wouldn’t recommend flying without the hud until a live cockpit is implemented in the aircraft of your choice.

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A makeshift way to get around this is to simply move your aircraft stats to a different place on the bottom of the screen. E.g swap out airspeed with load so it’s always easily visible. While I understand you want to fly without the use of the hud, the stats which are hard to see are all included with it. If its a must to fly using the status bar only, you will have to move around the camera angle so the aircraft instruments don’t overshadow it.

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Thank you for that suggestion! You are right. I will try keeping the essential ones in a visible spot and do without others. My aim is to be able to correctly aim at my landing spot without the hub, but I am a bit scared without all the hub’s data…

Or maybe a mini hub with glidescope indicators, A/s, and AGL only?

Yeah just try these various things and set the trim in increments but do it carefully so you don’t end up double tapping the screen and resetting the view.

my opinion

Looks good zoomed out and you can get a good centreline on takeoffs

The incremental trimming works well, so it lets me keep the best zooming position! Was my bad habit to make rapid short adjustments which caused the view to reset!
This being said, I did some testing yesterday evening and decided that keeping the hud display was the better option! I’ll fly without when sat on a plane for real, if this ever happens!
Best landings to all.

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