Cockpit View Pictures

I want to see the awesome pictures taken from cockpit of REAL AIRCRAFT that the pilots on the form have taken. What are the best experiencees you guys have taken from inside the cockpit?

Hopefully soon I can contribute to this thread

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I have a video I took when the captain of an MD-88 let me into the cockpit. He was also explaining it to me :) (little did he know i knew most of it, ok maybe a little but he did get in-depth. If you would like i could send you the video?


Please Do :-)

KK when I get home but the videos aren’t the best, I was mostly paying attention to the captain so my hands kinda let the camera go down a lot.

View from the cockpit of a Virgin Australia A330-200, SYD-PER


And you say your a Qantas Pilot

Qantas Pilot, not passenger aha

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