Cockpit View Challenge

I can do it it’s just I get bored

im going to do a whole flight around 5PM EST using only cockpit view

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@Eric_Jordy I’ve had a experience just like you. I was fortunate enough to win a raffle event to go to the Qantas Headquarters in Sydney and fly for 2 hours in a REAL 747-400 simulator there, flying from Sydney - Brisbane. And let me tell you, it’s so much harder then everyone thinks! I though my Computer and iPad Sim years had taught me a lot… not too much really! It was pretty hard but it was one of the best experiences in my life, I truly loved it!

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Ill try it on 767 or 777…

The 747 is tricky, it’s like you’re sitting on the third floor of a building. The 777 is strangely easy. With a flight plan and an ILS approach you can fly IFR. Granted you don’t NOT look out the windows when flying IFR but it’s definitely doable with no real souls on board at risk.


In real life there are the equivalent of traffic lights which tell you distance to parking and when to stop

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Before my app crashed…


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