Cockpit View Challenge

I challenge you all to do a whole flight from the moment you stop pushback(because pilots usually dont do this on their own in commercial flights) to the moment you park after touchdown. If you have already done it, do it one more time. Let me know how it goes would love to hear about your experiences doing it and if you got a video post a link!!


I’m doing this right now and I’ve done it many times in the past.


I don’t think this would work for me, because when I land, I always do my flair, and what to work on!

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I would try this once I get back

Lol as much as I would like to, I always switch to outside view to appreciate if’s beauty


try it without doing that.

So much harder from the cockpit as you don’t really have the real life perspective of what you need to see. Having said that, I have been in one of the flight simulator Australian pilots use to train in, which is a mock up 737 cockpit. I flew La Guardia to JFK and it was horrifically more difficult than I imagined! Here I thought my years of experience playing flight sims was going to make it a piece of cake! The entire flight was done with no Auto Pilot, but still…something as simple as lining up the runway for landing was so much more difficult because you’re seated off centre and have to compensate for that to make sure you don’t land off the side of the runway! Which I almost did 😂😂😂


Real pilots in real life don’t have ‘normal’ view or freecam. Cockpit view is the real perspective.

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In the cockpit it is really hard to park at a gate because you don’t know when to stop. I will do it on a few minutes

I can say i do this 95% of the time i fly


I love flying in cockpit view! The only time I use exterior cameras is sometimes for taxiing and mainly for spotting/screenshots!

I do this every time I fly in the 787. I wish the instruments actually worked :(

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I cant taxi right in cockpit view though. :(

I would try it but it will be tough because when your in the cockpit som things appear closer than they look. For example I may turn to short of a taxiway because it seems close to me

once you know your way around the airport it’s pretty easy to taxi using cockpit view. I admit I have to go to external view a lot of times to see where I’m going.

I taxied over the grass when I was making a turn on a circular taxiway.

Obviously I need to explain further…a 2D flat screen view of a cockpit is most definitely not a “normal” view from a pilots perspective. Peripheral vision and working instruments are a wonderful thing.

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I almost always use cockpit view, I feel that you don’t have the right flight data easily available in any other view. I can’t taxi in cockpit view for the life of me though.

inb4 the curved tablet is invented.

For me it is so difficult when you have to stop at the hold short line. In freecam it looks like I’m still 5 metres away from it, but in cockpitview it seems like I already crossed it…