Cockpit View as ATC

Heres how it works:
See an aircraft on final, tripple click on it and then you will go into cocpit view. This would be benificial to see the pilots point of view, and why he can’t do a certain action. Also useful if you would like to watch how someone does a landing, if your bored on onserver mode. This won’t take up memory as all the data is already there: plane type, speed, alt and other settings would be quite easy to add. This would add another level of interaction with ATC.


Is this a request?

Yes it is a request.

I also agree, because if there is an issue we could solve it, or correspond with it.

Make sure to put it in the features category. Also, good idea!

Unrealistic, but useful.


Not for me, I’m afraid.


It would be very fun indeed, buuut it’s sort of unrealistic.


Won’t it distract you from other aircraft in the frequency?

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It will, for sure… So technically you have to ignore all other aircraft to settle with this problematic bird…


The other issue with this is here: “beneficial to see the pilot’s point of view and why he can’t do certain action”. Controllers can already see the plane’s position, heading and ground speed + weather; tower can also see the aircraft on short final, runways and ramp with an external camera. That’s plenty of information.

Second point is that such an ability interferes with the natural workflow of both the controller and the pilot. Controller’s responsibility is to ensure separation of air traffic, to which extent they issue clearances, orders, etc. Pilot’s job is to fly the airplane safely. The overall system is held together by timely communication between the two parties - not by them babysitting each other. The separation of concerns is clearly violated here.

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Only for observer mode. It would distract ATC.

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