Cockpit view A350

How can I get better at using only cockpit view. It’s very hard to see my alt and speed with this view

Zoom in slightly. And practice 🙂 Getting used to cockpit view isn’t easy, but once you do it makes you only want to use APPR to line you up with localizer and you do the rest🙂 instead of getting appr to land and all that

So I’d use appr nav to line up with localizer?

If you want.

Not necessarily. With some training you’ll be able to fly the turn on your own very precisely. Don’t hesitate to learn by flying multiple manual approaches.

Implant on down menu line important parameters,live or no live cockpit after u practice
in mine case become same ul just be abale to land any plane perfect just using felling n free judge

what I also noticed that the First office view the PFD is displaying on the left instead of on the right.
Just check then you will know what I mean…

It’s struggle to land on First officer view

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