Cockpit UI

Hello IFC! I would like to propose a new UI in the cockpit

How this will help?

Some people use this flight simulator to practice and increase their skills, for one day to become a pilot. With the addition of functional instruments, the simulator has been more realistic, so this helps to the pilot training.

The problem is that if we enter in a cabin and only use this simulator, we will probably get lost with all buttons, and we will not know where are some things like the APU, lights, brakes, and things like that. So if developers add this, we will learn more things and the simulator will be more realistic.

Is this needed?

In my opinion, this is not needed at this time, but will be a great feature in the future!

Will this add realism?

Of course! This will allow us to interact with the cockpit

Will it be optional?

In my opinion, that should be optional, and there could be a button to activate it.

This is how that could look

If this is a duplicated feature, please tell me

Yes! We need an interactive cockpit!


Oh there was a feature request like yours in the past and it was closed because idk.

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I voted for this!🙂

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Thank you!

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Great request! One thing I would change is the trim selector. For me, it would be at the yoke, top left, just like how they would adjust the trim in real life. (For Boeing of course). Sadly I have no more votes but will support this!

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Here you go: