Cockpit sounds

Ok, another fairly simple, not urgent but easy addition!
Personally, i quite like the sounds for the no smoking and seat belt buttons… makes me feel I’m actually doing something while I fly, whereas none of the lights etc have any sounds (and as mentioned in another thread -probably why I’m not all that fussed about strobes etc).

Would like to hear the switch/toggle buttons being changed between on/off, and the same for autopilot etc. Just makes you feel the ‘pilot’ actually does something in that cockpit ;)

Would like to see some of these ‘easy wins’ thrown in, as they’re the sort of thing that makes a big difference to the overall experience/feel, and combine over time to make way more impact than a new plane for example (not ungrateful though, very much welcome the a320 - my current ‘go to’ aircraft, and appreciate the work that goes in :) )


Didn’t there used to be a click sound when turning on lights and for your FP when you are about to turn

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i think so, i remember the new update confused me a lot with FPL but then live helped out not sure why

I too would like to see some of the “easy wins” added, great point @MrDLeadFreak

Yeah they did. And tire sounds when landing. I rarely hear tire sounds now. Every now and then il hear it.

Thanks Chad :). Let’s hope fds can spare some time for the little things :)