Cockpit Shake on Touchdown

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In the 777, when the plane touches down, the cockpit shakes a little bit. Like your head bouncing. This would be a great feature to add because it adds a realistic touch to the game. For example, you come in on a windy day and bounce the plane. In some planes, your head doesn’t move. That’s unrealistic:). I do know that this happens in some planes, but not all of them:)


Great feature! Would make Infinite Flight a bit more realistic.


Very interesting. I think the 787 needs this too


I remember seeing a feature request like this one, so this might be a duplicate. Anyways, I like this idea! It adds a lot of realism into the sim!


Not making accusations, but it seems you’ve copied 2 feature requests over the past day, I posted this exact idea, last night, and you also copied an idea it would seem about parking.

He’s not really copying as you didn’t go through and make any topic…so it’s not really his fault.


I know it’s slightly different, but I think this should just be grouped together with this request, to be implemented as one feature.

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All newer models beside the Boeing 787 have this.

We definitely need this on the Dreamliner and all the other planes not having it

Only 1 request per topic.

Some planes have this as a “glitch”, but I fully support adding this as a feature to all planes. I also have some things that would make this feature request better:

  • Have the camera shake during extreme winds
  • Have the camera shake during moderate and extreme turbulence
  • Have the shakiness vary with how smooth the landing was

This could all be classed as one feature since it is the overlying “shaking” aspect.


Yes, this would be excellent! Along with rattling sounds when taxiing.
@Cessna_Driver the camera doesn’t really shake much. It happens a lot with the floating point bug too.

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But we should be able to turn this off, as the constantly twitching camera might get old after a while.

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Banging my head in the cockpit confirmed.

I know it’s one feature per request, but the shaking and moving of the aircraft as it travels on the taxiway / runway / nose wheels hits centreline lights etc after landing is what causes the ‘louder sound’… It’s the exact same cause and effect. My point isnt to necessarily merge the topics, but I was linking the threads as I wouldn’t like to see one without the other. It would look stupid in-game to introduce the ‘shaking’ without any corresponding new ‘sound’ to go along with it (it would look like a bug), and on the opposite end, the new ‘sound’ would be complemented so well with the ‘shaking’ effect.