Cockpit seats taken, or empty? [POLL]

Do we want pilots in the cockpit seats, or do we prefer them to be empty.

Many of the beautiful aircrafts that were introduced recently, have people in the cockpit.
I am still not sure what to think of this. “Get out of my seat” perhaps?

What’s your view on this? Should the seats be (partly) filled, or do you prepfer empty seats.

  • I prefer to have empty seats in the cockpit
  • Co-pilot is fine. Pilot seat should be empty.
  • An aircraft should have a pilot and a co-pilot in their seats.
  • An aircraft should have pilots in their seats, but you should only see them when looking from the outside into the aircraft.
  • I honestly don’t care; let’s fly!

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Thanks for your views!


I think it would be cool to see the staff/mods faces pasted on future cabin crews, just to change it up a bit.


Well, having pilots do add realism. If you prefer no pilots, you can make a feature.

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Not a feature request for pilots or no pilots. Just to see how people look at this.

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Personally i prefer the empty one’s, Because it could be the pilot / person model can increase the size of the plane 😁 But it’s okay

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iRL the non Flying Pilot would not have his hands on the yoke or throttle in any place as they are the monitoring pilot. So if they had hands on the yoke that would make it unrealistic…not to mention harder to animate in any place.

However I would like the chance to change the view and fly from the FO position as well as the Capt position!

I get the feeling you are sliding off topic somewhat.
Isn’t there already a feature requestion done for this, some time ago?

I like the aircraft with pilots, but even if they don’t have them it isn’t a big deal because your not constantly looking at the people in the cockpit

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I voted incorrectly but that doesn’t matter. Input is the way to go anyway.

A couple things… I think first and foremost, consistency would go a long way. It seems odd when you get on a flight, preflight planning, it’s sporadic on the copilot.

Having a captain in the chair, IF is coming along too great to consider this.

Maybe we could have pilot (mandatory) and give a copilot option in weight and balance.

Or to solve everyone’s thoughts, give the option for the player. So if you wanted a pilot and your 10 year old son, you got it! Haha, but really. I imagine since we have pilot and copilot in some planes, put em in every plane and if the option to remove is easy, even better.

Honestly, I love going cockpit to lock mode and looking around after toc. I detest not knowing if the pilot has gone to the lavatory, if he fell in, and does he wipe wirg his right or left hand?

When he says right, I’d almost be glad he’s not showing in the cockpit because I use toilet paper.

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