Cockpit Seaplane Video with my Family!

Check out this video of my family heading to have dinner and riding in style! The airplane is a Bush Hawk XP and was built by now defunct Found Aircraft. They operated out of my home airport for a period of time. The airplane seats 5, is VERY roomy, and has lots of windows; perfect for air tours. I’ve been in this one on floats, wheels, and skis. Enjoy!


Loved the video! Your going to have to get your kids into Infinite Flight Soon! 😂


Thanks! And who says they’re not? 😏


Nice video ;)

Looks like you had much fun out there :)

Lucky you! Here in Jakarta I barely ever see GA aircraft on FR24. In fact I haven’t seen any at an airport in Indonesia at all!

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Had to throw the LiveFlight T shirt on there. Great video!

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