Cockpit rework

Hello, I remember that last year the IF made a post on your facebook to vote for a cockpit, in which case it was to comment on which aircraft we wanted a cockpit rework, does anyone know if this had an end?

There isn’t any current public ‘vote for next aircraft’

The best way is to drop a vote in #features for a specific request. Infinite Flight aim to add all their cockpit with live instruments over time.

Your best option is too look out for topics in #announcements!

I know that, but I mean the publication they made on Facebook

Not sure if it was a cockpit? More like a full rework they asked the community to vote for last year. That was the last thing they hosted. The 777 rework is in testing and will be receiving a new and improved cockpit.

I’m sure it was from a cockpit, and it wasn’t the one we had here at IFC

If it wasn’t from the official Infinite Flight social media it’s fake/not official. If they held a vote that significant that was going to be actually implemented it would of been on the official forum. They may or asked which cockpit would you like to see reworked the most just to engage the community.

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Maybe a vote of the next rework aircraft it was in April 2019

was from the official Infinite Flight page

@IFLY No, it wasn’t that

Maybe this answers your question

makes sense

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