Cockpit rendering bug

Just updated one of my older devices to the new 787 update. Bought the 787-8 and loaded in onto solo mode. Switching to cockpit mode there is no cockpit (Airplan quality on high ) . Ended that flight and change my Airplane quality to very high same thing happened. So I went, updated one of my newer android devices and the plane cockpit is rendering. I don’t know what’s up but I believe it’s a bug on older android devices. @Laura

Device = Samsung galaxy tab 3 (android version 4.42)

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It did yes it did. I’m on Apple but I can tell. Wonder what’s going on.

This sucks 😞. Waited for ever for this and now I gotta wait longer to get this bug fixed. And to make it worse apple don’t have the update so I could fly on there.

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This is why they only release it on one platform first… So they can find all of the bugs


Maybe I should have waited before buying the 787-9.
Does anyone know if the A319 and Dash have this bug? They had new liveries too.

To all iOS users:
FDS will probably fix this by the time the update comes to you guys


They have to fix it for Android too.

the fix will probably come when ios updates
for now, im happy since i didnt find any strange bugs

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They may fix it after the registration competition. I hope its this way.

FDS will either retract the update or release a hot fix for everything.

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You will get refunded worst comes to worst

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If FDS retracts the update, all the users that already installed the update will keep it. The update retract only affects those who didn’t install the update

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With all the bug reports coming in I’m sure they will do that. They will send a hot fix for you downloaded users. Then delay the update to get it all fixed and get it Spik n span

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