Cockpit Quality Issue

Hello Community!

I have been experiencing some issues regarding the live cockpit quality.
At first the live cockpits are always perfect quality but after some time the quality, especially the Autopilot panel and around the displays, is lowered significantly to the extent that you cant even read anything anymore. The overhead panel though, and the rest of the cockpit are as sharp as ever.
All of my settings are set to high and this issue only seems to happen to some aircraft. I never had this problem with the 737.
I use the newest Samsung tablet (Tab S7+) so I dont think it’s my devices fault.
The internet connection is fast, and I have also tried different internet connections which didn’t solve the problem either.
I dont have any third party apps installed, which could interfere with IF so I’m really out of ideas what it could be.

I have tried reinstalling, restarting, clearing cache and different settings, which also didnt help.

Does this have to do with IF itself or what is it?
Thank you in advance!

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I also get this issue on aircraft with working instruments. I’ll see what everyone else has to say…

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When not in a flight/session, in graphics, is your texture quality on high?


Yes, I always have everything to the max. AA is also on.

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True it also happens to me but no in the 737 only in the 777-200er but I come out and enter again in the flight and it fixes my problem.

Yup I’m able to reproduce this problem! Happened to me just before take off in the 777F however the over head panel isn’t effected at all.


I have also noticed this in the Cessna 172(with gauges)

Same it seems to fix itself after some time for me aswell but just re-entering the flight never helped

Yep I checked twice I have everything on highest settings

The fix is to restart IF. Not the device but the app itself, aka swipe up on the app. That resets the cockpit resolution back to normal. At least that works for me.

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