Cockpit pictures!

Got to sit in the pilot’s seat before we left the gate on my flight today in a 767-300ER from HND (Tokyo) to SEA (Seattle)


Nice :) , Lucky xD.

Three iPads in the cockpit? :D

Kind crew on board DAL580!

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Um how did you know the callsign? lol. Anyway, I believe they were actually using Microsoft Surface’s

Wish that was me…

I have one of me sitting in a Swissair MD11 cockpit when i was very young. I’ll try to find it :)

Oh and i have some Swiss A340 pics from the cockpit during maintenace

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Is that not the same Airbus a340 Thomas Frick flew from Zurich to Shanghai and lucky duck delta airlines right

You are one lucky man…

Best I get is quick shots when the FAs aren’t blocking the cockpit door 😁

Sweet pictures my friend

image United A320 after landing in DEN

Does simulators count? I fly in this regularily ;)


Nice pictures! I think I have once been in the MD11 cockpit too ;), (I was Very VERY young so no pic) But how did you get to the maintenance service of tje A340? Do you worl for Swiss? You are so lucky man!
PS: Do you have any intel about the B77W trst föights from Swiss from ZRH to GVA?

I did my apprenticeship at SR Technics so thats how I got access to these planes :D

Well concerning the B777: So far only the first long haul flight has been confirmed to be JFK on 21.02.16 (LX14)
Delivery however is in January '16. So I’m sure there are gonna be some flights to GVA between January amd February

Correct :D

Lets take this furher… more Hangar Pics :D


I have a photo of an AA 752 but not on me. If I’m not in the cockpit is that fine? (I’ve never sat in a in-service commercial aircraft cockpit before).

Oh Come on! An UA 767 AND A Qatar A346 XD That’s too much to handle!

I agree!!!

767-300er is my number 1 plane