Cockpit Photos from IF

What aircraft on Infinite Flight has the best looking cockpit? I am trying to decide what aircraft I want to acquire next. If you guys can please post up pictures and let me know what aircraft it is, I’d greatly appreciate it.

both A320 & Dash8


A320 family and the Dash 8 Q400 have the best cockpits

The A320 family and the Dash-8 Q400 have really good cockpits.


#Dash-8 Q400:

Both do include lighting in the cockpit.

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whoa those do look good, thank you @Samuel123abc

They really do, I have to agree.

Let me know if there are any other parts of the cockpit you’d like a photo of.

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The Citation X has a nice one as well

But that one does not include lightning, does it?

I had previously purchased the Citation X actually. Beautiful plane.

Does it have lighting?

it does have some lighting

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All others mentioned above, and 747 series have nice cockpits

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I did buy the 747-8, it also has a really nice cockpit

Can someone post a Citation X photo at night, so I can decide if that’s a plane for me?