Cockpit Photo of the B772ER

Flew from KLAX to EHAM. I saw some really nice cockpit photos of the B772 and so I decided to take part in it too.

KLAX -> EHAM. 11 hours and 46 min Flight time in Expert Server. Departed 8:30 Zulu and arrived 8:46 Zulu.


Wow I really like it! The lighting is on point my guy

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I don’t even understand how you even got to start your flight

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One of my favourite pictures on the forum, simple but yet effective. The lighting is amazing :) Looks like the sun is about to set…
Happy Flying :D

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Do you mean by how there is no flight plan in the Director?
That’s because I shot this in replay mode and reply mode doesn’t show the plan.

No I think he means that his game doesn’t let him start a flight.

Oh rip. I think someone mentioned this in #support

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Thank you!

I meant I don’t understand how you actually did your flight without game crash

Wow! What a beautiful cockpit!

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During cruise I set the graphics to low as possible and left it on the instruments view. Then when contacting centre I put back to how I wish it.

This link has what you can do while IF tries to fix the issue.

Or this

20.1 draining battery fast?