Cockpit not working


Whenever I go to fly at night the cockpit is just pure black, no lights, no instruments, and this this is on all of the cockpits including the interactive ones. I have already tried to delete IF and then Re-install it it works for a while but then goes back to just being completely blank. Is this a known issue?

Any tips to help solve this would be great.


Hello there,

This is something that I haven’t heard of, but is this something that is happening when you’re flying or sitting on the ground? Could you give us some more information on the state of your aircraft such as if the APU is turned on with the Main Battery, if any engines are running or if this is happening after a certain period of time?

A screenshot or video recording would be very helpful, so if that is something that you could post, it would help us determine what the cause of your issue is.

Looking forward to seeing what you are able to show us, this is quite an unusual issue.


Thank you, It’s my fault I didn’t turn the APU on with the main battery. Rookie error.