Cockpit lights.

Hello everyone!
We can all relate, its in the middle of the night, and you are on your parking position and waiting for pushback…
But one thing is abit annoying…
We don’t have any type of cockpit lighting.

I mean, we can’t press any buttons in the cockpit, but still it would be alot better if i can see the buttons, and the whole cockpit.

Adding “Cockpit Lights” in the LIGHTS section.


  • Logo lights
  • Landing lights visible on the ground (at night) (landing lights are useless right now)
  • Beacon lights visible on the ground (same like the landing lights)

In my opinion, in the theme lights and surroundings, Infinite Flight isn’t close to be finished.
We sadly have alot of lights either missing or “useless” (not showing any function, except for RP’s)

Thanks for reading trough!!


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There is currently a Feature Request for this already. Please head over to the Features category and take a look at other requests. Maybe you find something you already have in mind :) Or you can create your own feature request. Keep in mind, you will need to be TL2 in order to create a Feature request.