Cockpit Lights

I see some YT vids with cockpit lighting. Like the back of the buttons are lit up. For some reason mine isn’t. Any explanations?

Sorry if this is a duplicate question.

Only the 787,a320, and dash 8 have cockpit lights in IF


I use the 787-9, and I don’t have it.

wha aircraft detail are you on and what time of day are you flying

Turn on High or Very High aircraft quality in the settings under “Graphics.” These two qualities will illuminate the cockpit. If you use an older device, then I suggest that you keep the quality “Medium” or “Lower.”


as @unitedfc said you should be flying at anyyime other that noon to get the lights and also put your airplane quality at high or very high

The 747s have cockpit lighting. Not as good as the 787,a320, and dash

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Thanks, it works, does the settings affect battery? Lag?

Depends on the device.

iPad Air 2

It looks like the a321 has cocpit light too.

Ya, I think it does. Does the settings affect the iPad Air 2? Thanks

What would be realy nice are taxi lights

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