Cockpit lights

cockpit lights
I think it would be great to have working cockpit lights. Why? in the most aircraft it is to dark to fly in the night.

how would it work?

If you tap on the button there comes a little menu with cockpit lights/cabin lights if you tap it it wil go on.

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You mean Cabin Lights?


a320 and 737 have sort of lights already in the cockpit, it will be on by itself during the night


Ehrm, the topic you requested to be closed were for cockpit spotlights basically.

What you’re requesting now, if i’m not mistaken is back lights for the dashboard and instruments?


I don’t really get it, do you mean what you see in the cockpit lights up when you click it at night or the buttons you click and they light up? This doesn’t really make sense, but hopefully you understand.

Bumping this topic. I think what he is trying to say is for there to be lights from the instrument panels. In the past week, I did a few night landings, and realized how dark it was in the cockpit. I think itll be nice if there were lights in the cockpit, examples a lit up radar display or main display, even if they dont show any of the details, some light would definitely help.
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I am aware some planes have cockpit lights, but the list is fairly small.


Yeah so we could see more in the dark cockpits! :)

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Great Idea, I wish I had votes

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It’s really time for some interactive moving switches on aircraft like the A350 on the sim. It would be a joy to learn their special functions…and I think people would have fun playing around with them XD

10 out of 10 editing.

I would love to see some more lights in the cockpit it’s to dark at night.

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